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Sorry folks but I'm on a much needed vacation!
So currently,
the store is closed!

Thank you all so much for visiting my website!

I'm taking A week off and

Typhoon Painting Products

will be closed

from August 14 – 21.

If you want to place orders you can go ahead and do so

but I will not get them out until I get back.

I will try to get your order out on August 23rd

which is the first Monday after I return

and postage can be made.

Please note:
If you have any questions, I will try to answer them from my vacation site but please be patient!

Big Notice
 Oh by the way, on September 1 or around that area I will have a new paint rack in the family.
I had so much outcry of people who wanted one,
so we made it! We will have a

Typhoon 45 bottle Tamiya (23 mL) paint rack!

It will hold the larger Tamiya (23 mL) bottles! 

It will be 11 1/2 "X 13" deep and will hold
45 of those paint larger bottles.

Thank you very much again and always for all your

support you guys and gals have given me!
Kindest regards as always and

best wishes for all mankind,