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Original Typhoon Paint Mixer
New Update Kit!

Upgrade your original Typhoon Paint Mixer
to a New Faster Stronger Version!

typ flatplate mod kitINSTA.jpg.png

PRICE: $29 

I have sold hundreds of Typhoon Paint Mixers from my line over the many years. A lot of people purchased my Original Typhoon Paint Mixers with just the top cup only. If you would like to UPGRADE that to something that mixes stronger and faster, I have a solution for you. After lots of work, I was able to finally design A New 2 1/2" Flattop which is  1/3 of the weight of that heavy top rubber cup. Since the motor only has to move the new 9 g flat plate instead of 31 g heavy top rubber cup, this mixer is now much more powerful!

The results were beyond my expectations! This 2 1/2 inch flattop with a 3/8 " soft pad that has firm grip which will mix everything from your dropper bottles to your larger citadel and other types of paint bottles.  Order one of my Upgrade Kits and you will see for yourself what a difference it makes.

OBTW...Very easy to install. Use a flat head screwdriver to unscrew your top cup, screw on the top flat plate on by hand until it is just snug in place. Then peel the adhesive away and apply the rubber pad to the plate. That's it.

I offer a free return money-back guarantee if you are not pleased.

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