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This is without a doubt the SECOND STRONGEST paint mixers I ever get in to be refurbished. It is 11 pounds of MONSTER mixing with its large engine! They are just rated slightly below the Typhoon Paint Mixer HD (The strongest mixer I have), just shaped a little differently this one a square. Just click here to watch the video. You can see the size difference between the Typhoon Paint Mixer, 2 Tops Super, and the Typhoon Paint Mixer, 2 Tops in the photos. You will see it is slightly larger because it has a LARGER STRONGER MOTOR INSIDE! Therefore it has stronger vortex power. It also still retains the versatility of two interchangeable tops, a top cup for smaller bottles like Vallejo, and a large 3 inch top to accommodate anything else including citadel paint pots and  even Tamiya paints of any size! Once again, both mixers will mix your hobby paints to perfection but some people just like the idea of having one of the strongest mixers.

It's just like Tim Allen always says, "That's what this needs, MORE POWER!"

If you have that kind of heart, this mixer is for you

Typhoon Paint Mixer 2 Tops Super!

$135.00 Regular Price
$125.00Sale Price