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Typhoon Paint Mixer Ultra (New Flat Top Design!)

Typhoon Paint Mixer Ultra (New Flat Top Design!)


This is the Typhoon Paint Mixer Ultra with a NEW DESIGN TOP! Just click here to watch the video! I have had these for sale with the old top only sold 2. The feedback I got was that people didn't like the hard rubber top. I was able to redesign it by taking the hard heavy rubber top off, and put on a light 3 inch top flat plate with a rubber grip pad. Since the motor was designed to move the hard heavy rubber top and I have removed that it has crazy power! I am still amazed at how well it works and how strong it is. It is now the second strongest vortex actions of any of my mixers!  They rank up CLOSE in mixing strength to my Typhoon Paint Mixer HD. They are so strong that they have to have stabilization springs on the feet, otherwise it would rotate counterclockwise to the motor on the desk. Yes, it is that strong!

Check out the video and you'll see what I mean. Well, take care and I hope you'll try one. Your paint shaking arm will never thank you enough. :-)