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Now as with all of my other mixers, this is also one of the highest quality, longest lasting paint mixers on the market just waiting for you to use it. 

Now about the Typhoon Paint Mixer with Adjustable Speed, this is a hidden secret!

Everybody thinks since it has an adjustable Speed and looks a different shape that it's not very strong. Actually, this is one of the STRONGER mixers with a very LARGE motor that I have!

NOW, like all my other mixers, this mixer does one thing and does it well, MIX PAINT!! Just click here to watch the video for this mixer! Just press your paint bottle down into the 3 1/2 inch flatplate rubber pad for a few seconds and your paint is perfectly mixed all the way through and ready for use. When you get it, just turn the dial to maximum!

( Why wouldn't you want to mix your paints on anything other than maximum so leave it there! )
Just press your product down on the plate, this will mix almost as well as a Typhoon Paint Mixer Two Tops (SUPER!)

                           YES, it's that strong!       Just try one out, you won't be sorry at all.

Typhoon Paint Mixer with Adjustable Speed Setting