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Typhoon Paint Mixers & Paint Racks

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Remember, Cash Discounts are Available for Bulk Purchases

of mixers and racks! 

  Scroll down and see coupon codes near the bottom!
  Just copy and paste any of these Promo Codes in the checkout Cart
  just before Checking out!


Also, please let me know I if you have any questions, and please let me know....

What Can I Do to get our products into your hands?

Really, please contact me and let's talk!

Welcome, Hobby Painters of All Types!

It's time to get organized!

Let us know how we can help you
in ANY way possible!

 We target helping you organize and mixing your   hobby paints to upgrade your desktop/paint station   painting experience!

Our Goal is to focus on ONE THING....

Your Paint!

The Blood of Our Hobby!

To achieve your highest success and the
most fun with your artwork,

YOUR PAINT needs 2 Things:

1.  PERFECTLY MIXED  upon opening!

2. ALL PAINTS  within your REACH!



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Typhoon Paint Mixers!
Paint is mixed perfectly every time you open a Bottle. 

Pick up the bottle, press it down onto the mixer for a few seconds, and your paint is thoroughly mixed!

 Full 2-year Warranty

on every Mixer!

Trust me, your paint shaking arm will thank you for the rest of its life!

Typhoon Paint Racks !
The most space-efficient line of paint racks on the planet!

They are in an offset shelf design which ensures easy visibility and access to paints. Available in various shapes with holes in

5 different diameter sizes:

1. All dropper bottles including     Vallejo, Army Painter and Reaper

(25mm diameter holes).

2. Monument hobbies Pro acryl​

(31mm diameter holes)

3. Citadel Paints, and Many others

(34mm diameter holes)

4. Tamiya Paints, 10mL bottles:

(36mm diameter holes)

5. Tamiya Paints, 23mL bottles

(41mm diameter holes)

There are over 92 paint brands out there and growing! Measure your bottle's diameter before purchasing for the perfect fit.

Contact me with any questions! Oh, and remember,
I love questions!

To contact me,
enter your contact info in the login box at the top or send me a chat message.
To Make a purchase, or use any payments,
login at the top of the page, and enter your contact info. 
REMEMBER, your personal information or your credit card info will
NEVER be shared!
I will
use it to contact you by messenger or for special promotions.
Thank you and I look forward to helping you in any way possible!

*Site Update!*
Thanks to all your help out there and for your purchases! After 13 years, we have sold over 15,000 Biodegradable Typhoon Paint Racks and over 1400 Typhoon Paint Mixers which is over 9 tons of metal and rubber going into the landfills. We couldn't have done it without your help and of course the incredible support from all my designers, who are my family and friends!
Thank you so much for your
 help with this recycling project of the vortex mixers.


Cash Discounts Available

for bulk purchases mixers and racks!


Copy and paste any of these Promo Codes in the checkout Cart right before Checking out!

Please note: Promo Codes will not work On any Bulk Purchase Packs!

They are marked down as far as I can.  Thank you for your understanding.

PURCHASES MORE THAN $75  ($6 off)   

PURCHASES MORE THAN $105 ($9 off)  


PURCHASES MORE THAN $150 ($15 off)  


Paints are not included. 

They are just for Visual effect only of what your paint rack

will look like it's filled with paint.

We currently do not ship internationally, but we do ship to Canada!
Here's how it works. It is very unfortunate that shipping to Canada is quite high 
but all of the wonderful 

Canadians say they are used to this.
Now, this is important!
If you want a paint mixer AND paint racks, you must purchase your racks as one order, purchase them and checkout.

Then come back and purchase your mixer as another order. I double box the mixers and have to send them separately from the Paint Racks so 2 shipments are required. (Contact me if you have questions.)
1. All Typhoon Paint Mixers will ship by USPS priority mail 3 Day shipping 
and right now the flat rate is $64

2. Shipping for Typhoon Paint Racks will vary on the number that you purchase. Right now shipping for 1-2 Racks is about $29, 3 Racks is about $46, and 4-5 Racks are about $52-$64 as it seems to vary. I will originally charge $64 and refund you based on the actual cost!! 


I'm doing my best to make our products available toour friendly neighbors up north in O,Canada!

Thanks for your patience.

We accept the following payments

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