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Typhoon Paint Mixers


What Are They and How Do They Work?


These are not like a lot of the new typical plastic vortex mixers prone

to quick breakdown; they are

Refurbished Industrial-Strength models,

originally designed for science, medical, and chemistry labs, built to last for decades. Weighing an average of 10 pounds, these are crafted from metal and rubber, and are part of my
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle project.
With over 1400 units refurbished in 12 years, we've diverted approximately 9 tons of waste from landfills. Please Support Sustainability by giving these mixers a second life for your painting and hobby needs. Orders are filled promptly,
but please remember I can only make these
so fast to do a job I'm proud of,

and get you the mixer you deserve!

For further details on the recycling and refurbishing process,

refer to the information down below the mixers, or,

check out our YouTube video Link: Here to see a

Complete Refurbishment Process on a mixer.

Now, how do they work? Simple!

Just press your paint bottle onto the top plate or cup for about 5 seconds, and the mixer will vortex the paint at 50 to 60 times per second, swirling it like a tornado, ensuring thorough mixing.

I am very proud and thorough of all my painstaking work! So… I offer a

Full 2 Year Warranty on ALL my Typhoon Paint Mixers.

The process is easy, with the paint bottle staying closed and never leaving your hand. It's a hassle-free solution, and,

Your Paint-Shaking Arm Will Thank You For The Rest Of Its Life!

Plus, it's arthritis/medically-friendly,

making it great for anyone's needs and all ages!

​      SO.. Main points. 

     – Simple touch operation!
     – Small footprint (On desktop/paint station!)
     – Powerful motor, hurricane swirl force mixing (around 3000 RPMs!)
     – Reliable, Heavy Duty Industrial-Strength Mixers!
Years Of Service!)

     – Large capacity (mixing of even the largest hobby paint bottles you have.)


​Okay!  It's time!    
Let's Have A Look At Them All!

DSC_2532 (3).jpg
DSC_2532 (3).jpg

So… Why Purchase a
Typhoon Paint Mixer?

First of all, Don't buy just any vortex mixer listed online!  Why take a chance on something that only works at only 50 to 75% of its ability and may malfunction within a year or two? 

Do you know the difference? 

After refurbishing over 1300 mixers in the last 12 years, we promise we do!  


Before starting a project on one, I completely clean the outside and then after its refurbishment process, we completely sand and clean the outside before applying it's signature Red Paint sealant.  We replace all parts needed and refurbish the motors,  in order to give you the best and safest product available to thoroughly mix your paints. Sometimes we actually have to take them apart thoroughly all the way down to the bearings and the magnetic barrel when needed. A complex process but we do it when needed to bring any mixer possible back to life.

Please notice! A critic website recently wrote that these are, "Re-branded Industrial Vortex Mixers." This is wrong! These are, "Refurbished Industrial Vortex Mixers!"

Thank you!

More About Our Typhoon Paint Mixers and How They
Came to Be…

First, if you haven't seen our video, please check it out at the top of the page in the menu section.

Why do we do this?

Reuse the recycled ones
that work just fine!*

In case you didn't know, our Typhoon Paint Mixers are recycled from old industrial-strength vortex mixers, originally made for science labs and medical research facilities, that were ready for a scrap heap and eventually end up in a landfill. 

We recycle 99% by weight of every component we possibly can retaining full refurbished functionality as a
Typhoon Paint Mixer.

The first year we just thought it was a fun hobby but then we realized how much of this stuff would end up in the ground at some landfill. Please know that we are absolutely proud of our recycling project of keeping these 10-pound hunks of metal, rubber, and plastic out of the ground and giving them a new life! After thoroughly refurbishing the unit, we then put on 4 new rubber feet like it had originally for stability.
To date in the last 12 years and with all your help and support, we have recycled just over 1300 mixers which have
kept about

9 Tons of rubber and steel

out of landfills and the ground. Help us reach our goal of 10 tons!
Great job everyone and thank you again!  We could not have done this

without your help!


Remember, I am so proud of all of the work I put into each of our Typhoon Paint Mixers that I confidently give them a 2 Year Full Warranty!

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