Typhoon Paint Mixers


How Do They Work?



For all of my paint mixers,  just pick up your bottle of paint and press it down into the top flat plate or cup for a few seconds, and the mixer vortexes (swirls) the paint inside, just like a tornado but at 50 to 60 times per second and your paint is perfectly mixed all the way through and ready for use.

Hey, don't strap your bottle to a machine, or stick a stirrer down inside. You can lose a lot of paint product and possibly even create a real mess!

With ALL my Typhoon Paint Mixers,  the paint bottle never even leaves your hand!

 *Yes, it's that easy*

Trust me, your paint-shaking arm will thank you for the rest of its life!(Oh and for us older folks, this thing is great if you have arthritis!)

​      SO.. Main points. 

     – Simple touch operation!
     – Small footprint (On desktop/paint station!)
     – Powerful motor, hurricane swirl force mixing (around 3000 RPMs!)
     – Reliable, heavy duty industrial-strength mixers! (Will last you many                   years!)
     – Large capacity (mixing of even the largest hobby paint bottles you have


Okay!  It's time!    
Let's Have A Look At Them All!