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Customer testimonials given here are from just some of our many satisfied customers!

Thanks again for all your support!

Here are just a few of our customer reviews!

"How can I make my view even better? New paint racks by Typhoon Painting Products did the trick! Sturdy, but the best part....holds 75 bottles that you can actually see."

Matt H.

"This mixer is a quality product that is a great value for the cost. It is priceless for mixing-up paint that has begun to settle and to bring it back to life. His mixer should be the standard for all painters, regardless of skill level. Robert is fantastic and has an incredible product!" 

Erik L.

The ability to see, organize and easily access my paints has made a real difference and raised my enjoyment of the hobby.  All Robert sets the gold standard for quality products, quick response and excellent customer service.” 


A+! Second paint rack I have purchased and
am very pleased!!

Skyler A.

 I tested the Typhoon mixer with the primer spray cans using the bigger flat top. And it performed flawlessly. The paint racks were easy to assemble and the laser cutting is precise. I really appreciate that the design has a smaller footprint compared to other designs that hold the same number of bottles. I highly recommend the Typhoon product line of racks and mixers. They are fantastic. Definitely a step above all my previous mixers and racks. Thanks for the outstanding craftsmanship. I am also very glad and proud that I bought a recycled product that is backed by high quality and customer care. Most of all it is made here in the USA!!!

– Sam   S..

These racks are perfect for storing paint bottles. Easy to put together and very consistent craftsmanship. They take up so little room and hold so much paint. These three racks I purchased hold a total 225 paint bottles and only take up a space 36" wide. I especially love that the bottle slots have a very tiny pinch around the front of the slot making it so the bottles cannot fall forward. Highly recommend to any other painter with a large paint bottle collection. Thank you again for the great product. I will be keeping an eye out for any opportunity to share your product. Yes he is


- Jason Lanz

I recently purchased 2 Typhoon racks and a paint mixer from Typhoon Painting. Robert is very passionate about the products and a joy to work with. The paint storage solution doubled what I was able to store before with other brands but uses the same desktop footprint!
THE MIXER is AMAZING!!! I have been a serious miniature painter since 2011 and cannot believe I have not used a mixer until now. Paints I have not touched in years and had separated are mixed and ready to use in seconds. No more sore wrists and elbows from shaking the paint forever to be able to use them. HIGHLY recommend these products, 5/5 would buy them again!!

– Charles A.

  I just want to say that the paint racks are perfect! The footprint is small, the quality of the laser cuts are spot on, the material is plush and sturdy, the "pinch" design that keeps the bottles in place is a nice touch. Robert is a great guy, and he got right back to me on all of my questions. I couldn't be happier with my experience with this company. It's so rare to find excellent customer service these days, but Robert goes out of his way to shine!

– Dylan G.

Mixer came fast and works great!!

– Jessie Brown

This is one of the best bargains around especially as a mini painter!

Robert is great to deal with as well!

– Avery Smith

Someone posted this video below and Send it to me as a review.
Please check it out.

Brent with Goober town hobbies!


This is a fantastic video on YouTube that everyone who paints should watch. It will help you understand how your pigments and mediums work together to make up your paints. Please note that 5 minutes into the video you will see my Typhoon Paint Mixer and at about 7 minutes, you'll see it in action.

To watch the video, click  here.

Well you get the idea!
I have many more posts and you can see actual photos in the gallery! 
For right now I just like you get the general idea of how people are pleased with our products and service.  I've been doing this for over
8 years now and people are still learning about my product and website, so.…
Please, take a minute to help spread the word about us to anyone you know that is a hobby painter. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly and with all my best regards
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Robert Kennedy