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About Us

I started painting miniatures about 10 years ago and fell in love with them. After my first Reaper Con, I met all sorts of wonderful nice people and friendly artists that are part of this hobby. I noticed that there were two things that could change the way this hobby works for people and could take their painting to the next level.

The first is how to mix paints! Instead of shaking them constantly with my arm, I realized there was a better way. Thus, the Typhoon paint mixer was born. I take old-fashioned broken-down vortex mixers that were used in science laboratories that people were going to just almost throw away and each one of them is 10 pounds of rubber and metal into the ground. It is a recycling project now after I realized what a difference it could possibly make at least on my own. I guess I feel a little green doing it. Everyone should figure out how to do their part and this was mine. Anyway, I take them apart completely and I refurbish them from the inside out, giving them my signature red coating of Apple Red Paint as well as 4 brand-new feet on the bottom. To date, after eight years of doing this, I have refurbished and sold over 850 Typhoon Paint Mixers which are over 4 1/2 tons of metal and rubber that didn't go into the ground or landfill. I couldn't have done it without everybody's help and support! My lovely wife JoAnn has been a great support and partner in this hobby business. It started very small with a few mixers and now we have passed 850 mixers sold to you guys! I can't believe that everybody has been such a huge support and a small business which is steadily grown into a medium-size business. It is still part of my hobby and I love working with all of you people!

The second thing is that there are a lot of great-looking paint racks out there but when it came to efficiency for my desktop space they were very inadequate. Therefore, with the help of my nephew, we have been able to design the most space-efficient paint racks on the planet. Look at their capacity and you'll see that they hold more paint in the smallest footprint on your desktop than any other type. Since I started, I've sold over 3300 Typhoon Paint Racks to date.

I truly thank you guys so much for your support of my product line.

Well as far as my background, I was born and raised in Little Rock Arkansas and here I stay because I love it and continue relationships with my family and friends. I got all my education here in Little Rock and love my full-time position as a Family Physician in a private practice of my own.
There is no way that this enjoyable business would be possible without the help of my team of designers and think tank quality, extraordinary people. Please see them on my Meet the Team page.

**I Hereby Dedicate This Site to My Team Because They Have Made It Possible and Much More Fun
Then I Ever Thought It Would Be.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading about us and our business that we are very proud of. Take good care and with the highest respect for all mankind,
Robert Kennedy M.D.

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