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Recommended websites to visit!

!. Barbatos Rex on YouTube:

2. Goobertown hobbies on YouTube :

3. Manny's Scale Modeling on YouTube :

4. **Go see Frank at, East Texas Scale Models All Genres!

    A Great Communicator! Go See His Stuff and You Can Even Email Him at

5. Bear Cavalry Paints. Homepage is:
    This is a very unique website that is promoting a sustainable line of paints with great             promise as he is just getting started. Sign up and be ready to see his products. Dan is a great guy and I think you will have a great impact on our hobby.

These are some of our best supporters and have fantastic videos at their websites on youTube,

Their info in their videos as well as their products like on Frank's website are great!

They are not paid advertisers.

The guys with the YouTube videos Show stuff that is very informative for those of us in the hobby painting world. Don't miss them and check them out.

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