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Venmo and Cash App

Now we are accepting the 2 Manual Payments options below for your convenience!
To use either of these, in your cart, just click CHECK OUT BOX. Next, enter your shipping information. Then, under payments, click the manual payments button.
Then, just send me the following information through your app,


1.  Venmo-  @Robert-Kennedy-186 
(Please remember, it can take 1 to 3 days

for this to clear and

show up for me.
Thanks again so much.)

2. Cash App now!-   $TyphoonPainting


Then, continue on down and click place order. When I have verified your payment, I will get this order out in the post to you most of the time within one day. I will send you a message along with a tracking number so you can keep up with your item if you desire.

Thanks so much for trying my products, and hopefully these new payment apps will help make my products more available to people who have these apps.
Thanks again as always.


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