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Typhoon Paint Racks

Typhoon Paint Racks are made of 3 mm Baltic Birch Plywood and precision laser cut to our specifications.

Oh by the way, yes you can paint and stain these very well. 


They are also designed so that the shelves are offset every other one and are open at the front to get superb visibility of each paint bottle.


Each rack is designed for the smallest desktop footprint, with the largest paint storage possible. They are the most space-efficient paint racks on the planet! 

I guarantee it!

(At least that I know of!)

Free US Shipping! 

New Shipping to Canada Available.  See bottom of home page for details!

Up to 5 Paint Racks for usually ship for about $45-$56 depending on your location.

More products are on the way for you as we continue to produce the best products possible. 
Shoveling coal into the server…
Come on squirrels run faster…
Firing up the flux capacitor…
Dreaming of faster computers….

As you can see we are doing our best and brainstorming constantly to help take your painting experience to the next level!

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