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The fully assembled dimensions are: 11.5" wide x 6" tall x 10" depth. and store 52 paints per rack.
Designed for Citadel sized paint bottles with any other types that are this size or close to it. The holes are 34 mm in diameter. It turns out a lot of other paints that are slightly smaller than this work very well on this paint rack too. A slightly smaller rack than the 78 Bottle Citadel Paint Rack, but this one will fit right next to your 75 bottle Original Typhoon Paint Racks. The new design offers easier access to store things underneath your paint rack where there is plenty of extra room getting things out of your way on your paint tabletop. The top rack is stocked with the Air Paints ie.. the larger bottles, I just wanted to show they fit just as well. 

52 bottle Typhoon Citadel paint rack

$33.50 Regular Price
$30.50Sale Price