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Dimensions: 8" X 8" X 8 inches! And only 6 1/2 pounds.

I rarely get these in but I found myself with 3 of them and thought somebody might like them!
This is the Typhoon Paint Mixer, Mini. It has the same strong motor as the Typhoon Paint Mixer With Adjustable Speed, but the controls have been removed from the front.
I also made a modification to make it stronger! I took off the 3 1/2 inch top plate (22 g) and replaced it with a 2 1/2 inch top flap plate (11 g). Since the top weight was cut by half, the motor now has less work and it mixes even stronger! I wish more of these were available. It has a large 3 1/2 inch top plate with pad so plenty of room to mix those paint bottles. It is also quite portable due to its size and weight. If you want a great mixer with a small footprint, this is for you!


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